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About Hawai'i College & Career Fair
The Hawai'i College and Career Fair is an annual, non-profit community event for high school students, teachers, counselors, parents, college students preparing for graduate study, and for adults planning career changes or continuing education. This statewide Fair is held on O'ahu, Kona, Hilo, Maui, and Kaua'i, and attracts over 12,000 people.

Each year, the Fair has been planned and is closely supervised by a committee of educators and specialists with a wide range of training and expertise. The purpose of the Fair is to provide college and career information through handouts, exhibits, demonstrations, and opportunities to speak face-to-face to representatives of higher education institutions. Over 200 exhibitors participate in this Fair each year. This Fair includes colleges, universities, professional schools, technical, industrial and trade schools, military services and academies, business and finance groups, and visitor and tourist industries.

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Mission Statement
The annual Hawai'i College and Career Fair exists primarily to provide Hawai'i's high school students, parents, and other interested individuals with information and guidance about post-secondary educational, technical training, and career opportunities.

To accomplish its mission, the Hawai'i College and Career Fair brings together educators and career professionals from throughout Hawai'i and the mainland who provide expertise on post-secondary education, training and careers.

The true value of the Hawai'i College and Career Fair is its goal to develop the educational and career potential of all Hawai'i residents.